About Us

Please email me at info@artikicetees.com with ANY questions or concerns.


It all started with a scrapbooking machine....
I started my crafting business in 2012 with a scrapbooking machine that could cut paper, vinyl and fabric. As a military spouse, I had LOTS of extra time on my hands when the hubby would deploy (or have training) and I started personalizing everything under the sun.
I especially enjoyed making shirts for parties and celebrations. The idea that I can contribute in some small way to make someone's day or event a bit more magical is AMAZING!! And I love what I do! I started really working on my website, then Ebay (I am old school, lol) then expanded to Etsy (as ArtikIce Tees) in 2013. 
Fast forward a few years later and I just had our 5th (I know, we're crazy!) baby. I'm still making awesome shirts, although now they are printed instead of heat transfer vinyl, because printed shirts are SO MUCH longer lasting! ;) And my husband has finished his military service, so this shop is what pays (most of) the bills! (Woohoo!) 
Thank you for supporting our family (literally) by shopping at Artik Ice Tees! We hope you love your order and see you back again and again! <3